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Moondrop is a company dedicated to advancing audio technology across a broad spectrum of devices. While the company’s roots trace back to 2014, the official establishment of the Moondrop brand took place in 2015. Initially, Moondrop’s expertise revolved primarily around earbud design. However, over the years, they expanded their product portfolio to encompass an extensive array of hardware, which now includes DACs and AMPs, making their offerings notably diverse.


The Blessing 3 serves as an excellent demonstration of how functionality enhances its appearance. It incorporates a DLP 3D-printed shell, a result of a collaborative effort with HeyGears. This shell not only boasts aesthetic appeal but also accommodates the intricate physical crossover system of the unit. The transparent 3D-printed shell beautifully showcases the individual drivers and the intricate frequency division design that seamlessly integrates them. Moving towards the front of the shells, you’ll encounter CNC-machined stainless-steel faceplates that have undergone meticulous hand-polishing to achieve a mirror-like finish. Upon initial visual examination, it’s easy to be deceived into thinking that these faceplates are crafted from etched glass.

These faceplates feature subtle angular ridges, resembling the facets of a crystal. Each faceplate also includes a small vent, with a stylized Moondrop logo beneath the vent on the right IEM, and a stylized Blessing 3 Logo beneath the vent on the left IEM. Despite having only a single vent on the faceplates, the IEMs do not cause any pressure build-up, and overall comfort is excellent. However, their shells may be bulky for individuals with smaller ears.

Despite featuring just a single vent on the faceplates, these in-ear monitors (IEMs) do not lead to any uncomfortable pressure build-up, ensuring an overall excellent level of comfort. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that individuals with smaller ears may find the size of the shells somewhat bulky.


The Blessing 3 includes a stock cable featuring a braided 2-core design, utilizing the common 0.78mm 2-pin connector on one end and a standard 3.5mm termination on the opposite end. These cables are constructed using silver-plated copper wires and are enveloped in a transparent sheath, imparting an attractive gleam that harmonizes with the aesthetics of the IEMs.

Considering the price point of these IEMs, it would have been a welcome addition to have either a balanced cable or a cable with interchangeable terminations. Nevertheless, users interested in using the IEMs with a balanced amplifier can conveniently acquire a replacement cable with a 0.78mm 2-pin connector to meet their needs.


The bass performance of the Blessing 3 showcases exceptional control and dominance. It possesses a potent yet restrained character that consistently maintains a respectful distance from the midrange. While it may not reach the quantity expected by bass enthusiasts, the quality of the bass is truly remarkable. The bass notes are precisely articulated, exhibiting a seamless balance between definition and naturalness.

One of the most striking aspects is the remarkable control and nuanced texture of the bass. It excels in conveying intricate details and subtleties, effortlessly tackling complex bass lines and rapid transitions without succumbing to distortion or overcrowding. It’s important to note that while it can deliver a gratifying sense of depth and impact, it consistently avoids sounding overly resonant or unclear.


There’s a subtle elevation in the upper mids, and this augmentation amplifies the presence of female vocalists while contributing to the finely detailed rendition of various string instruments. The vocal rendition is particularly noteworthy, delivering a rich blend of emotion and nuance. When indulging in tracks that emphasize vocals, it’s a genuine delight as the vocal performance remains distinct and untangled from the accompanying string instruments, ensuring absolute clarity in the midrange.

What immediately captures attention is the organic and textured portrayal of string instruments in acoustic music. This precision and naturalness extend beyond just acoustic compositions; even in pop tracks laden with intricate arrangements and layers, the Blessing 3 excels, leaving a lasting impression. Male vocals exude richness, while female vocals carry a sultry allure, and both exhibit exceptional clarity and tonal accuracy. Instrumental performances are equally impressive, boasting outstanding timbre and tonal characteristics, ultimately contributing to a captivating and beautiful midrange presentation.


The treble is characterized by a neutral, crisp, and clear quality, featuring a subtle touch of sparkle and ample airiness that seamlessly integrates into the overall audio experience. Although it may not be the utmost in precision or detail, it possesses a musicality that harmonizes impeccably with the midrange. This makes it an ideal option for those who value naturalness and tonal accuracy in their audio preferences.

The treble exhibits an exceptionally pleasing tonal character that never becomes fatiguing. Remarkably, it allows for the discernment of intricate details in cymbals and hi-hats. This translates to the ability to distinguish between various cymbal strikes and their patterns with ease.


The imaging capabilities of the Blessing 3 are truly exceptional, offering a high level of accuracy and precision when it comes to reproducing spatial cues and directional information. These IEMs are capable of crafting a genuinely lifelike soundstage, ensuring precise placement and fluid movement of sounds along the left-right-center axes.


The soundstage of the Blessing 3 is expansive, offering both width and depth, and it’s enriched with a generous infusion of air. This spacious sound is further complemented by commendable overall resolution and clear separation between instruments. However, it’s important to note that the Blessing 3’s detail retrieval, while good, falls somewhat in the average range. This is a deliberate choice made to prioritize a natural tonal quality over absolute precision.

Moondrop Blessing 3


To sum it up, the Moondrop Blessing 3 stands as an exceptional in-ear monitor, presenting a balanced and musical sound signature. Its remarkable bass control, textured and captivating midrange, and naturally cohesive treble combine to create a tonal quality that’s truly impressive. The spacious soundstage and commendable overall resolution add to the immersion, resulting in a listening experience that’s hard to surpass.

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