ThieAudio GHOST

Thieaudio Ghost

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ThieAudio GHOST

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The ThieAudio Ghost is an affordable open-back headphone with a U-shaped sound profile. Its balanced sound signature and spacious soundstage, although with average depth, contribute to its appeal. For $129, it is best as an entry-level open-back headphone that offers an enjoyable listening experience. 

Sound Quality 8
Bass 8
Midrange 7
Highs 8
Technicalities 8
Soundstage 7
Design 8
Build Quality 8
Comfort 9
  • Great Build Quality
  • Well-Balanced Sound Signature
  • Remarkable Technical Performance
  • Good Soundstage
  • Warm Timbre
  • Good Separation and Imaging
  • Average Details Retrieval
  • Little Monotonous During Long Listening
  • Average Cable


The Thiaudio Ghost is a recent 2023 addition to the brand’s catalog, which typically receives more recognition for its in-ear monitors rather than over-ear headphones, although this is not their initial foray into headphone production. The Ghost features full open-back headphones employing a 40mm sapphire composite dynamic driver. This innovative driver technology is purported to significantly enhance transient speed and control, while also reducing resonance distortion that might otherwise compromise resolution clarity.


DRIVERS: 40mm Sapphire Composite Dynamic Driver
IMPEDANCE: 60 ohms
CABLE TERMINATION: Interchangeable 3.5mm wire
PRICE: $129.00 USD


Upon opening the box, we discovered a well-designed storage case containing the headphones, accompanied by the standard paperwork, warranty information, and other materials. Additional accessories include the cable and a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter.


The Ghost features a 40mm sapphire dynamic driver with a diaphragm crafted from a ceramic-metal composite called cermet, layered on a stabilizer made of thermoplastic polymer film. This design is aimed at enhancing the Ghost’s transient response and increasing magnetic flux with the help of an N52 magnet. The headphone is compatible with any headphone output.

The cable is a high-quality 4-core ribbon cable, featuring a flat design. Surprisingly, after using the headphones, I’ve developed a strong appreciation for the cable and have no grievances whatsoever. It’s remarkably comfortable to use.

I used a balanced cable, which yielded notably improved results. I recommend giving it a try. However, I used the stock cable for this review to assess the overall product without modifications. While acknowledging that the stock cable may not be the absolute best, I find it to be quite good and comfortable.


The headphones’ overall construction quality is satisfactory but not exceptional. They are exceptionally lightweight, enhancing comfort, although their feel in hand might be unexpectedly light. The noticeable use of plastic in the earcups is apparent, but Thieaudio incorporates a metal headband, yokes, and grilles on the exterior of each earcup for additional durability. Furthermore, there is no audible rattling when shaken, indicating a commendable overall build.

Moreover, its lightweight construction makes it suitable for prolonged use as a reliable workhorse headphone. I found that they didn’t cause discomfort on the top of my head over extended periods. This can be attributed partly to the generous padding but also to a finely tuned level of grip.


The Ghost headphone doesn’t need much power, and when tested with a more portable solution, its 3.5mm jack seamlessly connects to the output ports found on the Pegasus SG1, H7, and XD5 Basic.

I like the Pegasus SG1, it’s a favorite among dynamic driver enthusiasts. Paired with the Ghost, it brings out vibrant tones without any dullness. This DAC offers a delightful listening experience with its bass-driven yet smooth profile, they offer a laid-back sound that’s truly enjoyable to listen to, making them easy to recommend.


The Ghost presents a U-shaped tonality aligned with the Harman target curve. It features a slight boost in sub and mid-bass, facilitating easy tracking of bass lines, along with a subtle elevation in upper mids to enhance instrument and vocal clarity. Particularly noteworthy is its delicately sparkling and well-extended treble, which contributes to heightened excitement and a sense of airiness and expansiveness. However, there’s a noticeable roll-off in the sub-bass region, resulting in a lack of significant energy in the rumble. While the bass exhibits decent texture and speed, it doesn’t reach mind-blowing levels in this regard.


The lower frequencies are very smooth and relaxed, characterized by warm timbre and precise, transparent frequency response. The Ghost possesses a subtle warmth in its sound signature, with the bass contributing an additional layer of richness without veering into muddiness or excessive coloration. The bass is articulate and well-defined, present across all tracks, although it may not be overwhelmingly prominent. While the Ghost isn’t designed for those seeking a bass-heavy experience, its bass response is impressively deep, tightly controlled, and refined.

Thieaudio Ghost


The Ghost boasts an exceptionally clean and transparent midrange, with outstanding dynamics and minimal distortion. Its midrange leans towards a balanced to slightly warm tonality, occasionally bordering on dullness. The headphone’s identity largely resides in the low-mid frequencies, with limited extension beyond that range. Despite this, the midrange offers minimal fatigue and harshness, featuring a smooth texture and impressive detail for an entry-level headphone.


The treble of the Ghost impresses me, I appreciate the level of detail these headphones can convey. There’s a notable sparkle in the sound that, on certain tracks, might come across as bright, yet it never feels sharp or fatiguing to my ears. The treble is finely tuned, offering an open, well-defined, crisp, and lively sound with remarkably swift attack. Overall, it contributes to a delightful listening experience across a range of music genres.


Regarding the Ghost’s soundstage, it’s remarkably immersive and enveloping. Listening to the Ghost creates a sensation of being completely surrounded by sound, with every inch of space filled with audio. Although the soundstage isn’t particularly expansive, it remains quite satisfactory overall, providing a natural semi-holographic experience.

Unexpectedly, the imaging is excellent for headphones in this price range. There’s notable layer separation, allowing for clear delineation of sound sources. However, positional cues, such as front-back or up-down placement, don’t stand out in any particularly remarkable manner.

Thieaudio Ghost


The ThieAudio Ghost is an affordable open-back headphone with a U-shaped sound profile. Its balanced sound signature and spacious soundstage, although with average depth, contribute to its appeal. For $129, it is best as an entry-level open-back headphone that offers an enjoyable listening experience. 

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