Thieaudio Hype 2 

Thieaudio Hype 2

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Thieaudio Hype 2

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Thieaudio Hype 2

Hype 2 is a great Mild V-shaped IEM with a lot of fun sound signatures. The bass takes center stage, showcasing both quality and quantity. I’m pretty impressed with the imaging, simply Very Beautiful Imaging.

Sound Quality 8
Bass 9
Midrange 8
Highs 8
Isolation 8
Design 9
Build Quality 10
Comfort 8
  • A Well-Balanced Sound Signature
  • Punchy and Dynamic controlled Bass
  • Fantastic Imaging
  • Good Soundstage
  • Less Bright and Energetic Sound
  • Shells are Large
  • Not the Best Technical Performance


Established in 2019, ThieAudio specializes in researching and developing audiophile in-ear monitors and headphones. Their mission is to function as a creative platform, bringing together top engineering teams to oversee the design and production of high-performance audiophile products. Their unique approach involves carefully selecting innovative and renowned engineers for each project, and working collaboratively. Despite a relatively short time in the industry, ThieAudio has created a niche by offering products across a wide range of price points.

Today, our focus is on the Thieaudio Hype 2, the newest inclusion in ThieAudio’s in-ear monitor lineup and the first installment of the emerging HYPE series. Additionally, ThieAudio has introduced the Hype 4 and Hype 10. I look forward to sharing reviews of these two products with you in the near future.


Form: Vented shell universal hybrid IEM
Drivers: 2-Balanced [Sonion E25 & Sonion 2300] + 2-Dynamic [10mm drivers]
Crossover: Passive electronic 3-way
Sensitivity: 108dB/V
Frequency Response: 20 – 20 000Hz
Impedance: 25Ω@1KHz
Nozzle Diameter (Lip): 6mm
Nozzle Diameter (Stem): 5.4mm
Cable Entry: 2-pin, 0.78mm
Price: $299

Thieaudio Hype 2


Moreover, the Hype 2 incorporates two of the latest iterations of Sonion drivers, namely the 2356 and E25ST, both acclaimed and widely adopted by leading brands in the in-ear monitor (IEM) industry. ThieAudio emphasizes that, following extensive testing with various driver types, the most recent versions selected for the Hype 2 are the P2356HF/4 and E25ST001/D. The updated P2356HF/4 not only offers heightened output with reduced Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) but also contributes to higher resolution and clarity, surpassing other Balanced Armature (BA) drivers in its class. Conversely, the E25ST001/D super tweeter produces an exceptional tone, extending the treble audibly up to 18kHz. This super tweeter achieves upper treble performance comparable to renowned electrostatic (EST) drivers but with a smoother and more coherent tone.


The Hype 2 goes beyond delivering audio, it provides an immersive experience. The 3D-printed shells boast a smooth, glossy finish, adding a touch of artistry to the design. Regarding the Zicao and Indigo color options, we have received Indigo and personally, that’s my favorite.

Crafted with exceptional precision, the Hype 2 showcases impeccable build quality, free from any manufacturing imperfections. It’s important to note that despite encountering negative reviews on Amazon concerning left-side BA cracking, our extensive testing has not revealed any such issues. It appears that these concerns were associated with older batches, and as we know the problem was resolved in the newer batches.

The faceplate’s design is nothing short of captivating, adorned with a unique pattern in shades of purple that evoke the beauty of a sea star. True to the brand’s signature, the ThieAudio name gleams in chrome lettering on both faceplates. Adding to its allure, a metal mesh-covered air-pressure vent, likely concealing an isobaric enclosure, graces the front when worn.

The Hype 2 boasts an aesthetic marvel, complemented by the reassuring durability of its medical-grade UV resin shell. On the practical front, it excels in passive noise isolation, and its ergonomic design, tailored to the natural contours of the ear, ensures comfort during extended wear. The included cable, not only skin-friendly but also lightweight and flexible, enhances the overall comfort quotient. The Hype 2 makes a commitment to a cozy and effortless fit, tailored for individuals with medium to large ears.


ThieAudio adheres to a consistent packaging design across its product line, and the Hype II continues this trend by arriving in the familiar ThieAudio packaging. The hard case mirrors those accompanying Monarch, Prestige, and other Thieaudio IEMs. The box, fully padded with foam, is divided into two sections to meticulously safeguard its contents. One compartment securely cradles the earphones, while the fabric-lined hard carrying case, housing the accessories, is positioned beside it.

Overall, the cable boasts an ideal length for both portable and desktop use. The provided cable is excellently crafted, featuring robust strain-relief components and sleek ear guides, guaranteeing long-term reliability and durability. In terms of sound, it harmonizes seamlessly with the Hype 2’s signature.

Thieaudio Hype 2


The Hype 2 has a Mild V-shaped sound signature boasting a tuning that accentuates a lifted bass range, a harmonious midrange, and a spirited treble. It emerges as the perfect recommendation, catering to both newcomers venturing into the audiophile realm and seasoned enthusiasts in search of a monitor that seamlessly blends a playful character with a robust technical foundation. Despite the injection of a bass boost, the signature maintains a delightful balance without veering into excessive warmth. The modestly recessed lower midrange, coupled with the lively upper mid to treble region, contributes to a sound that is not just thrilling but also dynamic and impeccably clean to the discerning ear. The Hype 2 further showcases its technical prowess, skillfully reproducing substantial and impactful bass without introducing any chaos into the sonic equation. Offering ample bass for enthusiasts while upholding a clean and balanced presentation across the entire frequency spectrum, the Hype 2 has a cozy and richly shadowed tuning, coupled with mids that express neutrality in relatively warm darkness. The texture is an overall velvety smoothness, adorned with respectable details and a timbre that feels inherently natural.


The “Hype-Bass” truly shines in its bass tuning, standing out as a distinctive feature. It’s heightened yet balanced bass creates a foundation that leans towards the fun side within an overall neutral-warm sound signature. This in-ear monitor injects tracks with a punchy and dynamic bass response, infusing them with essential rhythm and drive. It’s not just about the quantity of bass; the quality is equally praiseworthy. The bass resonates deeply, making a significant impact without overshadowing the mids—a remarkable feat for an IEM geared towards fun-oriented tuning. Prioritizing sub-bass over mid-bass enhances clarity and ensures a seamless transition to the well-balanced midrange, free from any mid-bass bleed. It unveils a nimble and pristine bass, accompanied by exceptional texturing that captivates the auditory senses.


The midrange exhibits a harmonious balance from top to bottom, ensuring a clear and precise presentation of vocals and instruments. Natural instruments possess a rich body and texture, and the level of detail retrieval is striking, particularly for an IEM tuning aimed at pleasing a broad audience. The upper midrange is vibrant and lively, extending the dynamic presentation beyond the realms of bass. Simultaneously, details remain uncompromised, and the timbre exhibits a highly resolving natural quality, unveiling a richness in tone that adds a touch of color to the overall presentation. Vocals, especially those of female singers, radiate brilliance with an ethereal sense of airiness. Energetic renditions of cymbals and hi-hats showcase good resolution. It’s worth noting that the upper midrange can occasionally become intense at higher volumes, particularly with analytical sources like the Moondrop Dawn Pro. I’m pairing the Hype 2 with sources featuring a balanced signature, such as the Shanling H7.

Thieaudio Hype 2


The treble extension stands out remarkably, unleashing a breeze of spaciousness, devoid of any fragility or brittleness. It boasts a delightful crispness, offering clarity and intricate details without any compromises. This results in an absence of harshness and sibilance, making it practically non-existent in this remarkable sound experience. On the other side of the spectrum, you won’t encounter an overwhelming burst of sparkle in this range. In reality, the more dazzling elements are dialed back, crafting a crispness rather than an outright shine.
In summary, We’re impressed with their adept fusion of ample bass presence and exceptional clarity in the mid and treble realms.


In the realm of imaging and soundstaging, the Hype 2 situates the listener a bit farther from the performance, primarily attributed to the restrained midrange. The soundstage unfurls expansively, boasting a satisfying width, while the depth of the stage is notably impressive. Precision defines its imaging, and the remarkable layering and separation of instruments contribute to an outstanding auditory experience. It possesses a holographic spatial stereo imaging that enables me to pinpoint the precise locations of instruments and singers. There’s a distinct and well-defined separation, creating a proper arrangement of tonal layers for both instruments and vocals on the sonic canvas. This characteristic proves especially conducive for intricate and multi-instrumental tracks.


Thieaudio Hype 2


The Blessing 3 boasts a more neutral-bright signature with a subtle bass boost, offering heightened detail primarily due to its brighter tuning. On the other hand, the Hype 2 presents superior musicality, featuring more natural note weight and texture. In comparison, the Blessing 3 may sound a bit too dry. However, the Blessing 3 excels in treble extension, resolution, and overall technical prowess. For those inclined toward bass, the Hype 2 outshines the Blessing 3 in terms of bass quality, despite sharing the same driver configuration. Both units remain solid choices, but the decision ultimately hinges on personal taste. Think of the Hype 2 as akin to a bookshelf speaker, suitable for jazz quartets and deep bass tracks, offering immense pleasure to your auditory senses.

In short,
Bass Lovers – Hype 2
More clinically Neutral/Details Lovers – Blessing 3

Overall, I love both, but my personal subjective preference – I prefer Blessing 3.

Thieaudio Hype 2


The Quintet serves as a brilliant testament to the art of compromise, giving rise to a stellar all-around performer that, while lacking standout prowess in any specific frequency range, manages to exceed expectations. What sets the Quintet apart is its mastery of an uncommon fusion: a grandiose soundstage and pinpoint imaging, accompanied by unparalleled clarity and treble extension within its price tier. Both of these IEMs possess an undeniable uniqueness. This isn’t my initial comparison between the two, and I must honestly affirm that my observations remain consistent with previous tests.

In the realm of vocals, the Hype2 emerges as the champion, boasting a more natural tone devoid of any hint of synthetic overtones. The bass, while generally balanced, leans slightly towards the sub-bass in the Quintet, while the Hype2 exhibits greater authority in regular bass and lower midrange. The Hype2, with its fuller sound and nuanced tonal sophistication, may command a higher price, but for many, it could represent a superior value.

Overall, my personal subjective preference – I prefer Hype 2.



It’s a great Mild V-shaped IEM with a lot of fun sound signatures. The bass takes center stage, showcasing both quality and quantity. I’m pretty impressed with the imaging, simply Very Beautiful Imaging. Engaging with it is like embarking on an emotional and thrilling musical journey, where a comfortable and accurate presentation takes the lead. The mid frequencies strike a delightful balance between being moderately pronounced, texturally smooth, and lightly embracing. The highs, while maintaining a comfortable and moderately technical demeanor, but in the realm of technical prowess, may not quite rival the absolute best out there, but rest assured, there’s an abundance of features to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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